How To Obtain A Good Stain

People always ask me how I achieve such dark stains. It isn’t complicated at all! With ingredients as fresh as possible and good aftercare, you are guaranteed to achieve a beautiful dark and long-lasting stain. Let me help you.

There is only three things you need to remember:

  • Good paste – Always use fresh and natural ingredients to make your henna paste. Learn how to make good henna paste ; it really isn’t that hard! If you are not interested in going through the whole process, I sell pre-made cones.
  • Good location – Because the skin on these areas is thicker, hands and feet will always stain much darker than forearms or thighs, for example.
  • Good aftercare – The efforts you will put in taking care of your henna design will determine whether you will get a good stain or not. Keep the paste on as long as you can and avoid water for as long as possible too!