Lavender henna cones

$22.50 CAD

Cones filled with 20g of henna paste.

 All natural ingredients!




Both types of paste give equally good stains, but some find Stringy paste a bit harder to work with due to it being so elastic. It all depends on what you prefer working with! One piece of advice, though: beginners usually prefer the Creamy paste when first starting with henna.


Ingredients: Jamila henna powder and/or Rajasthani henna powder, water, sugar, lavender/eucalyptus essential oil.

Indication: Please remember that lavender cones are more suitable for sensitive skins, pregnant ladies (in their 3rd trimester only*) and young children.

*It is believed that henna and essential oils should not be used by pregnant women during early pregnancy. If you are pregnant, you should ask your doctor's advice on the application of henna paste on your skin no matter how far along you are in your pregnancy.